OFCA SMS sender registration scheme hard to tackle individual senders , say IT experts

Hong Kongs government has outlined a new scheme to stop phishing messages sent from overseas companies. However, experts have warned that it may be hard to crack down on those sent via phone numbers, WhatsApp, Instagram and other messaging service providers without registering with their name and passwords, or using the names of foreign firms. (). How is the government planning to introduce changes to the rules of the country s communications authority? Why? What is it likely to be designed to help the public to identify suspects from unregistered senders in the city? The BBC understands how it can be regulated by the governing body which aims to protect citizens from pishing, and how they can avoid sending illegal messengers and emails sent through the mobile phone network? A proposal has been launched in an attempt to tackle the risk of an investigation by analysts who have told the BBC that the new mobile phones and mobile services could be banned because it is not being used to prevent them from receiving sensitive message addresses and identity. The government is concerned about the possibility of it having to change the way it deals with the internet banking industry, as well as the UK.

Source: marketing-interactive.com
Published on 2023-06-30