WHO , HL7 Collaborate to Promote Open Interoperability Standards

The World Health Organization (WHO) has signed a joint agreement to support the adoption of interoperability standards in digital health systems, including guidance on how they can be translated into healthcare systems within the UK and other countries. Why is this so important for the world s health system to be able to communicate and use data and information in the country. But How is the WHO strategy to ensure global health data is easily shared with providers and businesses? The BBC looks at what it takes to achieve this partnership to help the global spending of the coronavirus pandemic, and how it can become an essential part of its efforts to tackle the Covid-19 crisis and its impact on the future of digital society? Here are the key questions being asked by the BBC. The latest steps are expected to take place in 2020-2025. What is it like to improve access to the data provided by people-centric digital services and what could be done to provide the right way to access data in which people can access their data, as well as how to deliver accurate advice on what is needed for those using the digital system? These are five goals that have been outlined by scientists and researchers. This is what will be the focus of this week.

Source: miragenews.com
Published on 2023-07-03