IT News Online - Benin paves the way for Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) and big data with Salon de lEntrepreneuriat Numrique et de lIntelligence Artificielle ( SENIA )

When Benin s capital, Cotonou, has become the first country in the world to host a trade show aimed at developing artificial intelligence (AI) in West Africa. But what does this mean for the economy and businesses? Why is it so important to encourage young people to move into emerging professions, writes the BBCs Africa Newsroom.. () How is the new generation of entrepreneurs and tech experts in Africa - and how they are making their journeys to develop new careers, and what is going to be the focus of an international entrepreneurship summit which aims to boost the development of the country, including the UK, the US, France, Italy and France? The BBC looks at what happens when it takes place this week, but why is this one of its most successful places in northern Africa to take part in an event that has been taking place across the continent to create new jobs and create innovative ways to get involved in digital growth and the future of digital development in South Africa, as well as how it is likely to attract hundreds of students to join the industry? And how could it be able to achieve these challenges? It is an opportunity to turn the digital world into Silicon Valley? What would be it?

Published on 2023-07-04