OADC Set to Boost Data Centre Infrastructure in Africa

One of the world s biggest data centres has said it is committed to creating unlimited access to organisations and businesses across Africa, while saving costs of building their own data Centres during the coronavirus lockdown, the BBC has learned. These are the latest announcements from the West Indian Ocean Cable Company (WIOCC) in Lagos. But The Nigerian company has revealed a raft of changes to infrastructure in the country, as part of an ambitious initiative to boost the data supply in Nigeria and the rest of Africa - including the use of solar powered energy to run all its data centers in which they are being deployed to help them maintain zero downtime in all areas of Nigeria, and in order to improve the number of banks, banks and organisations connected to the continent. The company says it will continue to expand its efforts to provide connectivity services to companies and firms, but the company is planning to launch its new strategy to tackle the demand for those operating on the global economy, in an attempt to reduce the risk of data losses in Africa and boost capacity. A third floor of it has been launched in Lekki, Abuja, for the first time in more than two decades, after the launch of this year.

Source: thisdaylive.com
Published on 2023-07-06