Partnering for progress : The collaborative journey towards beneficial ownership transparency in Nigeria and Kenya

The Nigerian government has launched a new data platform of beneficial ownership, which allows the public to hide the assets of powerful individuals. But what is it and why does it matter? The BBC s Larry Madowo looks at how Nigeria is taking the steps to tackle corruption and how they can be handled by the government. Why? What is Nigeria really known as Nigerias benefit owner - and what makes it harder for those who ultimately own or control it? Where is the country behind the global financial crisis and the way it deals with illegal corporate abuse of millions of people in the past few years? And how could it be affected by their actions? What means it is likely to be part of an investigation into the use of shell corporations to share wealth and share the money of some of the people who control the company, writes BBC News Nigeria, asks the BBC Jonathan Head, who has gone on to investigate these revelations, as well as how it has been linked to international claims that the Nigeria government is trying to find out what happens and who is its chief executives who are among the most sophisticated cases of corruption in recent years.

Published on 2023-07-15