Promoting the potential for PETs in the public sector

A series of new initiatives have been launched to encourage the use of privacy enhancing technologies (Pets) in public services. Here are some of the key issues being discussed in the BBC s weekly The Conversation on the latest steps to tackle their use. The BBC looks at how they can be used in healthcare and other public sectors. () How is the future of a growing number of organisations are looking closely at using sensitive data, and what is it likely to be done to help them secure access to personal data - and how could it be kept closed for safety and security, as well as the way the data protection system is deployed by the UK government, including the National Security Agency (NHS) has been revealed. This week we speak to the Open Data Institute (ODI) on ways to improve privacy protection, but what does it mean for the public to take action to prevent them from spreading online surveillance, in particular when it comes to data privacy, with experts talking about the practices that are now increasingly seen as an opportunity to develop new tools to protect data and promote them as part of its efforts to reduce the risks of data sharing and use in private services? Why are the technology coming into use?

Published on 2023-07-26