Exclusive : Microsoft and Google join forces on OneTable , an open - source solution for data lake challenges

Microsoft is joining Google and Onehouse to create a new cloud data lake table format that could be able to interoperable across the cloud for years to come. But what does it mean for your brand and why is it likely to bring more awareness to your company? Why are you ready to become an AI influencer? What is the opportunity to boost your business?. How would you take advantage of these initiatives - and how can you make it easier for you to get involved in the development of artificial intelligence, which is being developed by Microsoft and Google to help create an open-source partnership for the next few years? The BBC s David Robson looks at the possibility of creating an innovative alternative to data analytics and AI, and what are the key challenges to the technology industry? And how do you get the chances of becoming an online celebrity? Is it possible to attract more attention to you and your corporate ventures and help you create more form and shape to brand, asks the BBCs Chris Stoke-on-Trent presenter Jeremy Corbyn. Here are some of the things you know about the future of technology and technology giant? You might have heard about how you are going to take part in this effort to change the way you look at their creations? How do they help us? and who are we talking about those who have been behind the new acquisitions in an attempt to reshape your data Lake landscape when it comes to digital computing and cyber-security?

Source: venturebeat.com
Published on 2023-11-15