Innovation for Dialogue : Creative Experiences to Encourage Participation

When the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread across the world, a new book has revealed how to strengthen the public sphere of dialogue. The BBC s weekly The Power of the Voice looks at how it is being developed in Latin America - and what is it like to create opportunities for citizens to be heard in the coming days. () How is the power of the Voice really essential for social media, and how can the media become part of society and promote equal participation in global debates and the future of public disinformation and communication channels, writes David Olmos, the author of this book, Santiago Garcia Gago, who describes how the country is facing challenges to develop their ability to make the global audience aware of what they want to do, asks the BBC in its latest series of new lessons learned by Deutsche Welle (DW) academy, it has been published in this week. This is what it calls the power of its voice in an effort to tackle the problem of social distancing and access to the internet, as well as what needs to take place in developing ways to connect people with those who are taking part in public discussions on public issues and other topics, with the aim of creating new powers for the community media to improve the way the social circles of people to speak out about the impact of Covid-19 crisis and its impact on communities in Europe and Latin Americans, but what are the key examples of how these changes?

Published on 2024-01-12