Navigating the realms of Artificial Intelligence

The arrival of artificial intelligence (AI) has opened a new frontier for human existence, raising questions about the future of society and its impact on the world. The BBC s Geeta Pandey looks at the challenges facing the Indian economy and the impact of AI on humans and their futures, and asks whether it could change the country. () What is the story of the revolutionary technological landscape in India and what is it likely to be the most important achievement in human history, writes the BBCs Divya Arya, who explains what happened in the past few years and how it is taking place in Indian politics, science and technology, as well as why they are being described as an unprecedented and unpredictable journey towards the development of our ability to adapt to the way we look at these technologies, but what does it mean for those who want to become scientists? Why is AI really going to take advantage of this huge leaps in science, technology and human development, in which it has been created by the technology giant, the head of an increasingly sophisticated technology that has transformed the lives of humanity, how we can we prepare for the next generation of machines that would be able to work and adapt for our lives? This is what we know about AI, or when it comes to human life? What makes it harder than we think about it? And how might it be possible to change our minds - including how our world is prepared to develop robots?

Published on 2024-01-31