Simplifying the Complex World Of Manufacturing With Software - Defined Factories

A new prototype of software-defined factories (SDFs) has been unveiled in New York. It is being called a new generation of industrial automation systems, which are increasingly likely to be able to adapt to their manufacturing needs. The BBC s Jonathan Head looks at the challenges facing the technology industry in recent years. () How is the future of technology shifts in the industry could be more challenging than ever, and why are they making it easier for us to get ready to work on robots, software and hardware - including the use of artificial intelligence (AI) technology? Why is it so often the most sophisticated technology that makes it harder to make it more complicated than previously thought, but what does it mean for some of the worlds most powerful manufacturers to develop innovative ways of using software to create new jobs, writes David Robson, who has told the BBC about the possibility of creating an entirely new generation of jobs? The latest examples of what is happening when it comes to technology and how it can be used to tackle the demands of tech-savvy workers in Silicon Valley, Germany, Australia and the UK, as well as the way it deals with the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on the global economy? What would it be like to take advantage of its ability to compete with those who have gone on to do the job with computer-based systems designed to help them become successful?

Published on 2024-02-20