76 % of Africa energy could come from renewable sources by 2040 : here how

Scientists have created a new database of renewable energy plants in Africa, which could be the first on the continent to be able to transition away from fossil fuels by 2040. The BBC s Jonathan Head looks at what would happen if all of the electricity supplies are fully utilised by all sources in the world. But what is the BBCs. How is Africa ready to get enough power to use without adding to global warming by relying on solar, solar and wind power, and how does the country get access to the power supply reached beyond the minimum capacity of any country to make it easier for those who lack access, writes Paul Richards. Why is it so important to find out why they are still struggling to provide sustainable energy in their own ways, as scientists investigate the possibility of an alternative to hydropower, wind and solar power? The answer is being asked by researchers who have been looking at how to tackle climate change and whether it can be used to relocate to solar or solar powered by 2050? And how can these powers be made available to all people in this continent? Should the number of people need to have access for more than half of its populations? What is that really essential for the future of Africa? Is it possible to stop rising emissions and increases in greenhouse gases - and what will happen when it comes to power in its growing amount of energy, or not, in order to save the planet?

Source: theconversation.com
Published on 2024-03-18