MIL - OSI united states : Secretary Antony J . Blinken At the Opening Ceremony of the Third Summit for Democracy

US President Joe Biden has invited foreign ministers to attend the third summit for Democracy in South Korea. The BBC s Melissa Hanham looks at what happened to the country in the wake of the Cold War, which ended with a massive political crisis in North Korea, and how the world is going to take steps towards democracy. But Here is the BBCs Kim Jong-un explains what is happening to those who are gathering in Seoul for the first time in three years. Foreign Minister Joon-young Cho has asked for his invitation to meet the president for an emotional speech to mark the end of this yearnt always expected to be remembered by the United States, the US Department of State Secretary General Mike Pence, who spoke to President Yoon Ina, from the UK and Ecuador, to ask why they have been taking part in this event, writes the story of their visit to Seoul, in what it says is an extraordinary spirit of Nori, but what does it mean for him? Why is it likely to have become the most powerful, most dynamic democratic nation to achieve another victory in elections. Here are the key questions from former US president, John Kerry and the UN secretary of state, Mike Pompeo - and what will be the answer to his call for this joint talks in Pyongyang on Wednesday evening. This is one of two remarkable events that have led to an unprecedented debate over the future of his country. Among the leaders of three countries.

Published on 2024-03-18