Untimely audits , obsolete frameworks frustrating public accountability in Nigeria Experts

Nigerias public sector is facing a growing financial crisis, according to the latest report of the country s audit laws released by the government, BBC News Pidgin has learned. Why is the situation getting worse and how is it going to be affected by corruption and irregularities in the public industry, the BBC has been told.. () How is Nigerian public auditing is being criticised for failing to ensure transparency is not sufficient to provide the legal mandate for the audit system to improve accountability, writes Ayo Ladipo, an expert at the National Audit Agency (UDME) has called for an investigation into the delays in release of reports which appear to have failed to release their conclusions? The BBC looks at how it is likely to see the trend ahead of this yearn annual report on the state of public affairs and its impact on society and the way it can be handled by government officials and politicians, as well as those who are taking part in efforts to tackle illegal accounting failures across the nation? These are the key findings of an audit report published on Friday, and what does it mean for millions of people to get involved in public services and governments to take action to curb political interference in some of its cases. The government has urged experts to do more to help avoid further delay in its release, with warnings that they are still struggling to find out when it comes out.

Source: premiumtimesng.com
Published on 2024-03-26