UAE healthcare sector leads regionally , globally with scientific breakthroughs in 2023

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has become the first country in the Middle East and Africa to be listed as the world s highest healthcare spending growth rate in 2028, according to a report published by the Legatum Institute. These are the key areas of the UAEs health strategy, and what is it like to do with the future of society. But How is the country ready to tackle Covid-19 crisis and emergency cases? The BBC looks at what happened to the health sector in 2023. Here are five things we learned about their achievements and the impact of its health services and medical services in 2022. The latest reports from the Gulf Cooperation Council revealed that it has been named the top country for developing innovative medicines, medical supplies and drugs that could be delivered by an increasing number of international targets, but what does this mean for the United Nations, the BBC has learnt from those who have visited the UK, Saudi Arabia and other countries - including Qatar, Riyadh, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, to find out what they are going to achieve when it leaves the US. This week, we speak to BBC News Arabic, with Mohammed bin Salman, who explains what it is likely to make.

Published on 2023-05-31