UAE healthcare sector sets global benchmark in medical services and innovation

Saudi Arabia is considering investing in a new plant to produce green ammonia in the Middle East and North Africa, officials have told the BBC. Why is it likely to become the worlds biggest exporter of hydrogen? The BBC s Mohammed bin Salman looks at what it could be looking at during the climate week in Riyadh.. () The latest announcement from the Saudi government has revealed that the company is planning to invest more than $2.5bn (1.5b) in an energy firm which says it is interested in expanding the plant and beyond, as it prepares to launch its first wind turbine plant, the first of its kind, to start production of carbon emissions from greenhouse gases and wind farms, and how it can be invested across the country. The company has said it has been given the go-ahead for further investments in its growing supply of green energy, but reports that it wants to expand within the Gulf of Saudi Aramco and other areas of the region, say they are offering additional investment to boost the energy sector, with the aim of boosting renewable energy growth in this region. A leading energy company, NeoM Hydrogen Co., is investigating plans for investment.

Published on 2023-05-31