Ozone API Secures £8.5 Million in Funding to Expand Open Banking Globally

Published: 2024-01-29

Ozone API, a top open banking platform, recently got £8.5 million in funding. This money will help the company expand globally, with a focus on the Open Bank market. Ozone API is already in over 60 countries and wants to grow even more in this area.

Ozone API’s main goal is to help banks follow open rules and find new ways to make money. By giving banks technology that lets them use open financial data, Ozone API lets banks get lots of information. This makes things more clear and helps banks make better choices based on facts and stats that are accurate and up-to-date.

As part of its expansion plans, Ozone API has teamed up with TecBan in Brazil. They want to make a financial platform that lets people get financial data and work together in the industry. By working together, Ozone API and TecBan will help open banking grow in Brazil, which will help consumers and businesses.

Open data is really important. It helps share knowledge and info, which leads to working together and coming up with new ideas. With open financial data, banks can learn about how customers act, what’s happening in the market, and how risky things are. This helps them make products and services that fit what customers need.

Open data also makes banking more clear. When banks make financial info easy to get, it helps people trust them. This makes banks compete in a healthy way and makes sure they take responsibility for what they do.

The money that Ozone API got shows that more people in the financial industry see the value of open data. As more banks start using open banking and open financial data, we can expect more working together, new ideas, and a better banking experience for everyone.

In short, Ozone API’s funding and partnership with TecBan show that open data is really important in finance. By giving banks technology to follow open rules and use open financial data, Ozone API is making banking more clear, collaborative, and innovative. As open banking gets more popular, we can expect banking to be more clear, easy to use, and focused on customers.


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