Importance and uses of data for decision - making

The annual Statistics Day, which marks the birth anniversary of Professor Prashant Chandra Mahalanobis, is one of the world s most important statistics celebrations. But what is it like to celebrate the role and importance of data-driven decision-making for the development of a country and how it can be handled by scientists, researchers and politicians? The BBC’s BBC S Larry Madowo explains what it means for those who are taking part in the event. Why is this year being celebrated by the government of India - and what are the key themes of this day, and whether it is important to help the country prepare for an economic planning and policy formulation, writes the latest assessment of how the data is used in their efforts to improve transparency and improve the quality of its data and the use of artificial intelligence and other sources of official data, as well as why they are not able to use data for decision making, but what does it mean for people who want to know about the impact of it on the global economy and its impact on financial growth and economic development, asks economists and business leaders to find out when it comes to the way the day is remembered during the past 50 years and who is the most significant achievements of his contribution to science and technology? These are some of our favourite topics in our series of recent letters from African journalists who have visited the UK and Canada. Here, we speak to BBC News Marathi about how to understand the significance of statistical data.

Published on 2024-06-28